Shorthair Grooming kit

Shorthair Grooming kit

Satisfies the specific needs of a shorthaired cat’s coat

  • Contains every tool for daily grooming: nylon slicker brush, metal slicker brush, rubber palm brush, fine grooming comb, and curved nail clipper
  • The canister’s lid is a handy temporary container for loose cat hair
  • The tools are stored upright, which protects the brush pins
  • Grooming reduces the amount of shedding and is quality time spent with your cat
  • Made of BPA-Free Materials

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Shorthair Grooming Kit tools standing upright in container

The Catit Shorthair Grooming Kit contains every tool you need to take care of your shorthaired cat’s coat. Stored upright to protect the brush tips.

Grooming Kit canister with a hand holding the top of it
Grooming Kit Canister with a hand putting fur in it
Close up of British Shorthair cat getting its nails clipped with Curved Nail Clipper

Rubber Palm Brush

removes loose hair in a pleasant, massaging fashion, resembling the feel of the mother’s tongue

Detail shot of the grooming tools' handgrip with rubber inserts

Brush handle with rubber inserts for better grip

Nylon Slicker Brush

massages your cat’s skin while detangling and smoothening the overall coat

Close-up Nylon Slicker Brush

Metal Slicker Brush

removes dandruff and detangles simple knots before they mat

Close-up Metal Slicker Brush
Close-up Grooming Comb with Rolling Pins

Fine Grooming Comb

Helps keep the coat soft by removing loose hair and small dirt particles

Curved Nail Clipper

trims the tips of your cat’s nails quickly and easily, preventing broken nails and damage to your furniture.

Productshot Curved Nail Clipper on white background

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Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 6.1 × 6.1 × 10 in