5 Ways to reduce smell in your litter box

As a cat owner, you know how smelly litter boxes can get. We offer 5 quick solutions to this stinky problem.

Scoop the box every day

This is probably the most obvious tip. Scooping on a daily basis prevents odors from building up, keeping your house free of nasty smells.

Replace all the litter and clean the box every two weeks

After a while, your litter will absorb the smell of the pee and poop in the box. That’s why we advise changing all the litter once every two weeks and cleaning the entire litter box in the process. This routine can be made easier by using litter box liners, in which case you can clean the litter box itself with a quick wipe.

Use Magic Blue litter box filters

Magic Blue consists of a cartridge that can hold up to 2 pads which absorb the pungent ammonia smells caused by your cat’s urine. The pads last for a month, after which they should be replaced. Both the Magic Blue starter pack and the refills are available on our website.

Add baking soda to the litter

Sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom of the box before adding the litter to create a protective layer. After your cat does its business it will bury its treasure, scooping up some of the baking soda which helps cover up the smell.

Change your cat’s diet

Some cat food creates more smell than others. Try different brands and types of food to figure out what works for your cat. Cat food containing fish tends to create less of a smell than food containing meat.